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Final accepted list of Papers

Manuscript submission deadline over.

The paper template (in .docx) may be downloaded by clicking the icon - 


Selected papers from the conference (in extended form) will be published by Springer as conference proceedings in the prestigious SCOPUS-indexed - Lecture Notes in Mechanical Engineering under 3 Volumes.

Call for Papers

Prospective authors are invited to submit original contributory works which are not under submission anywhere else. All papers will undergo blind peer review process and the criteria for acceptance will be based on quality, originality, technical content and relevance. All accepted and presented papers in the INCOM 2024 will be included in the conference proceedings (electronic and limited hard copy) with ISBN No. by Jadavpur University Press.


Selected papers from the conference in their extended form will be published by Springer as conference proceedings in the prestigious SCOPUS-indexed - Lecture Notes in Mechanical Engineering in 3 volumes. Springer will conduct quality checks on the accepted papers and only papers that pass these checks will be published.

Authors need to submit their papers through Google form in PDF format only complying with the prescribed guidelines. The link to the Google form is provided at the top of this page. 


Papers are invited in all areas (core as well as interdisciplinary) relevant to Mechanical Engineering including but not limited to the following:

  • Additive manufacturing

  • Alternative Fuels

  • Automation in manufacturing system, CAM, CAD-CAM, CIM

  • Combustion and Pollution

  • Composite Materials

  • Computational Solid and Structural Mechanics

  • Computer graphics

  • Contact Mechanics

  • Design and Analysis of Thermal Systems

  • Dynamics and control

  • Dynamics and Control of Thermal Systems and Processes

  • Energy Conversion Technologies

  • Engineering system design

  • Ergonomics

  • Experimental mechanics

  • Experimental Methods in Solid and Structural Mechanics

  • Failure analysis and case studies

  • Fluid Mechanics

  • Fluid structure interaction

  • Fracture Mechanics

  • Functionally graded composites and smart materials

  • Heat Transfer

  • Heat Transfer in Biological Systems

  • Inelastic Behavior of Materials

  • Internal Combustion Engines and Gas Turbines

  • Kinematics and synthesis of mechanism

  • Laser material processing

  • Linear and Non-linear Vibration and Control

  • Machine tools and cutting tools

  • Machining- conventional, non-conventional

  • Manufacturing management/operations research

  • Material Modeling and Characterization

  • Mechanics of Advanced and Smart Materials

  • Mechanics of Composite Materials

  • Mechatronics, Control and robotics

  • Metrology, Quality control

  • Micro and Nano-scale Fluid Mechanics and

  • Multi-body Dynamics

  • Multiphase Flow and Heat Transfer

  • Nano and micro Electro mechanical systems

  • Nanomaterials and nano-manufacturing

  • Non-linear Dynamics and Chaos

  • Optimization problems

  • Optimization, modeling and simulation of manufacturing processes and systems

  • Phase Change Problems

  • Powder metallurgy

  • Pressure vessel design and modeling

  • Product development and quality control

  • Refrigeration and HVAC Systems

  • Reliability and maintenance management

  • Renewable Energy

  • Robotics and automation

  • Rotor Dynamics

  • Solid Biomechanics

  • Stability of Solids and Structures

  • Stress and deformation analysis

  • Surface engineering, tribology

  • Sustainable and green manufacturing

  • Thermal Hydraulics of Nuclear Systems

  • Thermo-mechanical Behavior of Solids and Structures

  • Traditional and nontraditional computational methods in design applications

  • Transport Phenomena in Materials Processing

  • Transport Phenomena in Nanofluids

  • Transport phenomenon in porous media

  • Tribology

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